What is your home worth?

You’re thinking of selling your home—but where do you start?  Knowing what your investment is worth in today’s marketplace is the number one starting point—a key piece of information that will guide the rest of your transaction from your sale, your home shopping, to the next home you buy.

Your home’s value is impacted by a number of factors—from the price you paid when you bought it, to the price of the homes that recently sold in your neighborhood.  Ultimately as the homeowner, you set the price of the home when it is listed on the market.  Having an understanding of what price the market will accept will help you price your property reasonably.

Fortunately, our expert BHHS agents will help advice and consult on this decision.  But before you get there, understanding what your investment can mean in today’s market is crucial. 

Use our home value assessment tool as a starting point to this investigation.  Have questions about what you’re seeing?  Once armed with this initial research, please feel free to engage our agents for a full evaluation.  You’re BHHS agent can help you understand the many elements of a home value, and strategically price your home to ensure the highest priced offers, in the lowest amount of time.